About Me

That's a pic of meI like to call myself a web designer. I’ve been making websites for the past ten years or so, which was the only job I’ve ever had. It all started way back in high school, when I started dissecting websites to find out how they work. You can read more about my history and my web design manifesto. I dare to say I was one of the first Croatian web designers who jumped on board the web standards train. In the meantime, I’ve worked on hundreds of web, print and iOS projects for clients across the globe, either as a designer, front-end developer, or a consultant.

I currently run a small web design company called JanJan, collaborate with a team of web enthusiasts called neno and work for Toptal. While I am very happy with my current engagements, feel free to get in touch with project proposals.

About This Website

Yesterdayishere has been online since 2004 and has been redesigned more times than I can remember. I’ve been known to use it to experiment, so don’t be surprised if things look out of shape from time to time. The blog is my way of giving back to the community, reminding myself of things I would like to remember, and making myself write occasionally. A lot of what I’ve learnt comes from blogs of all kinds, so this is my way of repaying the debt, and if the blog helps anyone in any way, I will be super, super glad.

I’ve been using WordPress as a publishing platform since the launch of the website in 2004 and I’m currently using a custom theme based on Underscores.


  • Bojan means the fighting one.
  • I’m using a MacBook Pro as a primary machine.
  • My favourite weapons of choice? Coda 2 for coding and Sketch app for design.
  • I work standing up. Some of the time.