How to make it as a web designer

I’ve been approached many times by beginners asking me how to get started as a web designer. I’ll answer here instead of private messages and e-mail. This way, the message will reach many more aspiring web designers.

You won’t find an in-depth article here, though. One article won’t make you a web designer, so you don’t really need that. You won’t find my own story, either. I’ve started out back when web designers used to wrap one table around another, just to achive a one pixel border. Those days are long gone.

What you will find here is more questions. I’ll ask you: do you have the passion?

Do you feel happy when you design? Do you feel happy when you code your markup and CSS? Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you spending sleepless nights working on things you enjoy working on? Do you hate it when your eyes need rest, because there’s more work to be done? Do you wake up with a smile, knowing there’s stuff to be explored? Do you love the sound of your fingers tapping on the keyboard?

If your answer to those questions is yes, don’t worry, you’re just fine. You’ll find your own way.

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