On order

Thought provoking stuff — Albert Camus on Happiness, Unhappiness, and Our Self-Imposed Prisons.

“All true happiness, as all that is truly beautiful, can only result from order,” Benjamin Franklin wrote, and yet, as Camus so stirringly reminds us, order itself, when worshiped too blindly and rigidly, can consume our fragile chance of happiness.

Super cool focus transitions

Check out the super cool focus transitions for keyboard navigation by Nikita Vasilyev. As Nikita says, transitions like these are not limited to the web and I can see them being implemented on an OS level in the future. You can see them in action on Swiss.com.

The new swiss.com and World of Swiss

Yesterday, the new swiss.com and World of Swiss websites have been launched. Browse around, the experience is exceptional.

The websites were designed and developed over the course of 500 days. Yep, that’s not a typo, the entire process took about a year and a half. You have to admire the amount of planning, expertise and commitment that goes into a project like this, it is quite remarkable. So, a huge thumbs up from me to the guys over at Hinderling Volkart for delivering.

A Soft Murmur

Tried A Soft Murmur today while working and I’m liking it so far. Music is often too distracting for me, so having some ambient sounds in the background seems a good alternative. It even has some nifty tools, like the timer and the alarm, which could be useful to me, since I am a fan of the Pomodoro Technique.