Coding Tip: Small Goals

If you’ve ever done any coding, you know getting in the zone is super important. I mostly do HTML & CSS and although I love it, getting into the right frame of mind can sometimes be a problem. Especially if the project I’m working on isn’t the best thing in the world, or if I’ve hit some roadblocks earlier and I know getting back into the groove won’t be easy.

I’ve heard writers use a trick that is similar to mine, and that is setting small goals. So here’s how I approach the problem—I start with something small. It can be as small as just writing a couple of crappy lines, just to get things going. It can be analyzing the semantics and rethinking the structure. It can even be as small as going through the code and thinking of ways to optimize little pieces of it. Sometimes all you need is a small trigger to set things off. And even if what you end up with is writing bad code before realizing the timing is not right, at least you’ve done something to kickstart your next session. So start small and take it from there.

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