Content first

Imagine you’re a fashion designer and you get hired to design a women’s dress for a fashion show. You get a brief about the design, the type of clothing and the colours, but the client tells you they have no idea what built or height the model will be. This is the brief you have and you must continue the project. You have a hard task of making a great dress without knowing who will wear it and weather or not it will fit. So you decide to design a dress for an average size model and you leave some work for the last minute in case the model does not fit the average measurements. Just before the show, the client calls you and tells you the model is almost half the size your dress is. There’s no more time to make big alterations and your dress will not be great.

Web designers get into similar kinds of trouble often. Clients assume their brief is good enough, but without content, it very rarely is. Designers do not design screens, they design content.

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