Dani Gjalskog

Finally, the work on the Dani Gjalskog site slowly but surely draws to a close. It’s a site I’ve done free of charge, to help out this local cultural manifestation, and I can say I’ve very much enjoyed it.

Dani what?

Sorry, the English version of the site isn’t available, but you can read a word or two about the Gjalski Award, which is a part of the cultural manifestation, in English.

Above and Under The Hood

Retro, again… Well, the retro look was imposed. Mr. Gjalski, the bloke this whole thing was named after, was born back in the eighteen fifties. I’ve got a hold of some very old and very cool pictures which I’ve scanned and then used for the web.

As you can find out, the site as usual uses valid semantic markup. I’ve done some testing on Fx1.5 Beta 1, IE6/Win and some version of Opera I can’t be bothered to check right now. Sorry Mac users, I don’t have a Mac to test on. If something went terribly wrong, I’d appriciate a screenshot.

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