Don’t use non-descriptive Titles

Please, please don’t use non-descriptive titles in your posts. Please, for the love of all that’s… sane. I’m fed up with clever titles that give you no idea whatsoever what the post or article is about.

Imagine if I called this little rant of mine “I Hate Jean-Claude Van Damme Flicks” (the thing is, I really dislike his films, as I do non-descriptive headings). Perhaps this would amuse some of you, but what happens if one day, several months from now, you’d want to browse the archives in search of this post and you couldn’t remember the title? You’d know what I’ve written about, but you’d have a tough time finding the post because it’s title is not what the post is about.

You’d lose time, you’d get frustrated, then you’d write a post telling people not to use non-descriptive titles.

A quick Google search can lead you to plenty of fine resources on the subject of good titles, such as D. Keith Robinson’s Writing Better Web Page Titles, so please, knock yourself out.

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