Experience vs. Features

One of the major aspects of modern web design is building an experience. We can build a good user experience if we’re focusing on the essentials and add from there. In contrast, focusing on developing more and more features won’t bring you great results. It’s a classic quality vs. quantity situation. Piling up the features means your experience will suffer.

In its early days, Google had only a couple of links, a search field and a button. It was great at doing one single thing—search. A year ago, the iPhone had 24 preinstalled apps. Nexus S had 72. Evo 4G had 160.

If you already have a website with a lot of features, you’re actually in a great position to analyze which ones are being used and which aren’t. The next version of your website should only have the important features to create a better experience. If you won’t do that, the competition will.

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