I redesigned, at long last

Yesterdayishere, redesigned. Finally. A lot of bits and pieces around here are still being worked on, but I’ve decided to work on a live redesign rather than finish things up on my hard drive.

I’ve had numerous attempts at this redesign and several of you have seen a version or two I have come up with in the past. None of those really made a big enough impression on me, though, so I did not force a design I am not happy with. I’m pleased to say I am very happy with the version you’re looking at now. Hope you like it as well.

The goals for Yesterdayishere v3 were to keep things very, very simple and clean. For a while now I’ve wanted to drop the gradients and textures and create a design that would be different from the old (uhm, ancient) version of the site but still keep the same sort of feel. I think I managed to do that.

A big thank you goes to my man Sinke. So thanks, Sinke :)

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