Navigational Toolbar

Today I’ve noticed that the order of buttons in the navigational toolbar of my Firefox are really starting to annoy me. All the buttons I use a lot, like “Back”, “Forward”, “Reload” and “Stop” are (or rather, were) in the left part of the bar. This means I have to make a move from the extreme right, which is where my pointer rests when I’m reading/designing/coding or whatever, to the top left corner of the screen.

If I’m not terribly wrong, most people rest their pointer on the right of the screen. So, they have to make the same move to click on their favorite buttons. This means they completely take their eye of the content, go accross all of it with the pointer and then click a button. I feel if the buttons were on the right of the bar, it’d make the navigation faster and more simple.

With all this in mind, I re-arranged my navigational toolbar, and right now it looks like this. With the buttons on the right, it just feels more natural.

Web-designers think about this, and often put the menu on the right side of the web page. In my mind, it just makes more sense to put it there, because of reasons I just mentioned. Your thoughts?

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