On Talent

I’ve stumbled upon a great article called I Have no Talent (via). In that article, John says you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I couldn’t agree more.

Joen also wrote about the subject a few years ago in There Is No Such Thing As Talent. Here’s a quote of his I loved since the day I first read it:

There is no such thing as talent. Hard work, persistence and interest can get you anywhere, though.

It all reminded me of my early web design days. I used to print out hundreds of web design and development blog posts I found online. These were mostly articles and tutorials, a lot of which I did not understand at first. So, I reread them and reread them again. Then I thought about what I read and tried things out myself on my PC. Then I reread. Again. Sometimes, even that was not enough and it was months after that I figured things out while working on a project.

Of course, it’s so much easier to say “I have no talent” and waste zero energy and zero time and do something else. But remember, nothing ever comes easy. There are no shortcuts and no magic. It’s all practice and determination.

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