Roger Federer on Career Goals

Here’s what Roger Federer planned way before he became arguably the best of all time:

The idea was always (about) trying to be around the game for a long time. And for that in 2004, when I became world No. 1, I took a decision with my fitness coach at the time that we’re going to plan long-term. Whatever we will do, we will plan long-term. Sure, we can chase money or more tournament victories. We can play more frequently, train harder, whatever we will do. But we decided we will try to stay around 20 tournaments during the year, which is a lower number. If you look back, Kafelnikov used to play 30 or 32 events back in the day. I said that’s not something I really want to do. If I play, I want to play good. I want to play injury-free if possible, but of course all the top guys, we also play hurt. But the goal was to stay around for a long time.

His success has undoubtedly been a result of numerous things coming together, but it also feels like a classic quality over quantity situation to me. Thinking ahead, weighing out the options, playing it smart and not going for too much brought amazing things. We see so many of the athletes burn out at a young age, but at 33, Roger Federer is still motivated and currently #2 in the world.

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