The Danger of Simplicity

I was always a fan of keeping it simple when it comes to design. So when I was creating a logo for a project of mine, I wanted to make a clear and simple logo, with a clear and simple message. That was pretty much achieved, I believe.

CSS Base logo

The logo communicates the message, which is related to building, creating, foundation, basis, groundwork and so on. Mission accomplished, more or less. The danger was obviously in the simplicity of the logo. Surely, someone out there would, or already has, come up with a similar idea. I was willing to take the risk at the time.

In the meantime, months have passed, and we haven’t made much progress with the project. Earlier today, I came across Newshutch, a web-based RSS aggregator. Their logo is obviously very similar to the one I made.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I keep the logo? Or should I get back to the drawing boards?

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