Web Design is Communication

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day on the subject of work, work satisfaction and personal satisfaction. Generally, we have a lot in common, and I always enjoy our conversations. He admitted he admired me for having a job I thoroughly enjoy, which once again reminded me I should be thankful–I really am lucky. It’s very important having a job you sincerely love.

But then, he sort of surprised me when he said that web design is a lonely job. He thought he couldn’t be happy having a job like that because it doesn’t involve much communication. I paused for a second, thought about whether he’s right or wrong, and then thought how most people probably share his thoughts.

I then told him he was wrong. When you design sites, you are anything but lonely, I said. All you ever do is communicate. It’s all interaction. A client approaches you, you communicate. You design a layout for a site, you communicate. You do markup and code for a site, you communicate. Even when you finish the job, your communicate through the site. The communication never ever stops, and that’s the beauty of it.

Whether you work in a team or create a whole site all by yourself, you are communicating. You’re communicating through information, text, typography, images, usability, problem solving, organization, color, code, and a million other things.

Even now, as I sit here, alone in my room, writing this post, I am communicating. If you read and understand my posts, we’re already connected on a certain level. Thus, I am not all that alone right now either. Perhaps you, the reader, and I never met, perhaps we never will. Perhaps you will never leave a comment or send me an e-mail of any kind. But, the fact you’re still reading this and it interests you means we share a bond. So no, I don’t feel lonely.

If being a web designer would mean you are tied down to a computer 24/7, no-one on this planet could be a web designer. All human beings needs both mental and physical exercise to stay healthy. All human beings feel the need to communicate. They just have different means by which they do that.

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