What I Really Miss in Instapaper

One thing I really miss in Instapaper, which I love to bits, is information about the location I saved the article from.

This is more or less my daily routine: I fly through my Twitter timeline and RSS reader, saving interesting stuff for later. When I fire up Instapaper and start reading an article, I forget all about where I found it. This piece of information can be valuable if I want to explore the subject or simply share the article, so I can give credit to the person who shared it in the first place.

So what I’d love is for Instapaper to offer me something along the lines of:

Saved from (insert URL here).

Ivan tells me Tweetbot has a similar feature, so I reckon it’s a matter of time before everyone jumps on board.

This feature also got me thinking about the whole idea of sharing. It would be interesting to find out exactly how links are spreading over the WWW. If we can find out how I got to a specific article, then we can find out how the person before me did. Imagine you could generate maps, telling you where and when a certain link was tweeted and how you ended up discovering it. Wouldn’t that be a killer feature?

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