Yesterdayishere 1.5

You may have noticed some changes around here in the past few days. I have successfully (hope so) upgraded WordPress to a newer version. While I was at it, I decided to make various improvements to the site, which I wanted to do for a while now, but haven’t had the time.

You are now viewing Yesterdayishere — version 1.5.

So, What’s New Then?

The Outside

Glad you asked. Plenty. For starters, besides the old posts, the whole site is now in English. The blog categories are now divided into two parts — English and Croatian. By the way, the majority of future post will be in English.

The graphic in the header is now pretty big (by my standards), at just under 36KB. If this was a commercial site, I’d never have used such “heavy” graphics, but since this is my personal site, I don’t consider it a problem.

I got rid of the bar code in the footer. Jason has been using a very, very similar combination longer than I have, and since it has become a trademark of his work, I thought it’d be fair to omit it. Instead of the bar code, you can now rest your eyes on the lovely Firefox logo.

Besides this, there are no big changes to the graphics. However, many of the images were slightly altered, so be sure to hit f5 to refresh.

Under the Hood

The old screen styleheet was really, really messy. It was coded in a hurry, as I was facing a dedline to submit the site for a web-design award. If you had a peek at it, you could’ve found many solutions that were plain silly. That was also my first time using WordPress, so more than a few thigs were done not as good as the coud’ve been.

The new stylesheet is much cleaner. As for the structure, the ever-present <#wrap> DIV is now a thing of the past — there are only two main DIV’s (2 columns) plus a footer.

My questionable PHP programming skills came into play as I tweaked parts of the WordPress system. I hope it all works properly now. Some plugins are used, too, and in case you’re wondering, they are: Acronym Replacer, My Comments, Custom Post Per Page, Recent Posts and Run PHP.

Standards Compliance

Yesterdayishere 1.5 validates as XHTML1.1 strict and uses valid CSS2 code for presentation. I’m not certain if it conforms to web accessibility guidelines at this moment, as I am still making some final adjustments.

The text in the content area is a bit darker, improving readability. I’ve played around with the sidebar navigation, too, making sure it’s fairly easy to get around the site without getting lost.

Browser Support & Known Bugs

So far, I’ve done some testing on FF 1.0.2/Win, IE6/Win and Opera 7.54u2/Win. The Mac Screenhot Generator reveals a messed-up footer in Safari 2.0, unfortunately. As for the old versions of IE, I really coudn’t care less about them. The site now most probably looks awful in anything older than version 6. I suspect the content is very much readable, but if you want to see the site in all its glory, I strongly suggest you do yourself and the world a favor and use a browser that actually works.

That about wraps it up. There are more slight changes, but I’ll let you discover them. Enjoy the improvements and drop me a line if you spot any new bugs.

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